Inn & Motel Reservations

>Inn & Motel ReservationsSystem Flexibility
  • Easy to create and update the system yourself
  • Fits into your existing website, or we can create a new website for you
  • Support for mobile phones as well as PC browsers (Explorer, Firefox, Mozilla, Safari)
Easy Online Registration
  • View multiple photos of each room
  • Prices and room descriptions
  • Pop-up calendars to select check-in and check-out dates
  • Flexible room selection
    • Choose a specific room (or type) and see available dates; or
    • Choose a date and see all available rooms
Flexible Administration
  • Pricing based on room type or specific room
  • Pricing may vary based on day of week
  • Automatic seasonal pricing adjustments
  • Run special promotions allowing customers to book rooms at a discount
  • Public or private promotions
  • Option to require special coupon code to receive discount
  • Receive details of each booking by email
  • View or print reports showing history of bookings
  • May require credit card deposits
  • Accept all major credit cards
  • Supports most merchant services vendors
  • Payments are immediately deposited to your account
  • All sensitive information is SSL encrypted
  • Credit card processing handled by major merchant service vendors
  • Password protection
  • Hosted in a secure data center
  • Customer information is never sold or shared